Clearing the Heart to See the Truth

The Cross

A savage instrument to convey perfect desire.
YOU suspended yourself there,
between heaven and hell that all could gaze upon YOU,
exposed and weak, enduring the shame,
in order that the world may stand before Your holy gaze,
exposed and weak, without shame.

The infamous gibbet reserved for thieves.
YOU allowed Yourself to be seized without warning,
by the ones whom you love with perfect fidelity,
stolen and made captive, moved through coercion,
in order that the world’s hearts may burn before Your jealous gaze,
stolen and made captive, subservient to mercy.

Most unspectacular death.
You are humility incarnate and die as You where born,
Your love is a spectacle and an offence to the proud.
Poor and alone, forsaken by all,
in order that the world might weep before Your compassionate gaze,
poor and alone, deeply loved by One.

Clearing the Heart to See the Truth

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